Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Something cool

When I'm bored, I lose myself in the internet. Somehow today I found myself on Google Maps, looking at Hawaii from the sky (trying to compensate for the lack of summer in the UK I suppose).

I dragged the little Street View Guy onto Hawaii and he got a Lei around the neck and picked up a surfboard!


Friday, 15 June 2012

Music I'm listening to

It has been a while... It's too painful to reminisce on anything that begins with 'Any mobile phones to be handed in. It is against the rules of the awarding body to have any such device in the examination room and your paper will be cancelled if it is discovered'.

So to fun things! Music as I haven't done anything on that - out of all my amazing *coughs and turns head away* 3 posts so far...

For those of you who have never heard of King Charles, be warned! His music is unbelievably catchy and is a true melange of folk/alternative/amazables.

His latest album Loveblood was on the top of my most wanted music list and sadly I failed to buy his album within a month of it being released but rest assured I now have it! ;)

Emmy the Great is also another one of my current earbud loves. I first discovered her on the Topshop website under the We Love section along with Alex Winston who I also love.
Her voice is the sweetest, softest thing and is utterly adorable but her songs all have a deep message: from Dinosaur Sex and the destruction of the environment, to A Woman, A Woman, A Century of Sleep and her pro-feminism message. I love Virtue and it is überly amazing - who doesn't get a kick out of saying that they are listening to Paper Forest (In The Afterglow of Rapture)?? - so I would recommend this to pretty much anyone who likes new innovative music (or new as in 2011).

I also found myself re-listening to The Fame and reminiscing on a Lady Gaga who was constructed out of catchy pop beats that rotated around fame and money, and hair bows and the infamous disco stick.
Not that I don't love the new Gaga, I do just find myself pining for songs like Bad Romance or Poker Face.
The most listened from The Fame to is oddly Summerboy, I think it's to get me in the summer spirit - despite the horrendous weather. Also because I love the guitar at the beginning ;) But the queen of her pre-BTW-album-era has to be Bad Romance, such a cliché I know, but gotta love the 'ra-ra-ra-ah-ah roma roma roma-ah'. Also the music video will continue to freak me out whilst I admire the size of those eyes (I want peach coloured hair!)

Friday, 18 May 2012


Most people have funny things that each and every time, cracks them up. Mine is the little pulsating turd from the new EDF energy adverts.

Apparently his name is Zingy and is supposed to be a flame or something but to me, he will forever be the little orange poop that dances to Hawaii 5-0.
My friend realised how much I love Zin-Zig (I realised how bad that sounds after I wrote it) and found a flyer in the newspaper which is now tacked to THE WALL.
The wall - full of cuttings and watched over by Lord Ziggy
My wall is pretty much a general compilation of stuff that I love! There will be another post on that pretty soon.
Also, apparently EDF will be releasing an EDF energy toy because of the love for this little dude! I don't really see the need as his hardcore fan base is already churning out handmade ones by the dozen!

Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Chalking Review

Thanks to the Beauty Department (<3) there has been a significant increase in the number of people (ok so maybe just me) who are feeling the urge to go and purchase chalk and 'Chalk It Up'!
When Gem Fatale chalked her hair, this sealed the deal for me and I found myself down at WHSmith buying soft chalk pastels.

Well, it was ok. Seeing as I have dark brown, wavy, short hair it was clearly not for me!

Firstly (in agreement with everyone else) the chalk dust goes everywhere. Majorly everywhere. I ran the tap the day after and there were streaks in the sink. Pretty but not practical. So take note of my mistakes and either do this AWAY from a carpet or have a hairdressers robe thing (very technical language here T.T)

Secondly, my hair felt 'orrible! Clumpy and rough, it was not flattering. DO NOT RUB THE CHALK BACK AND FORTH! YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED...

Finally, I learnt not to brush my hair - stupid of me to even attempt in the first place but I imagined that the colour could move through my hair. I did not foresee massive knots or my hair brush turning blue!

Anyway, on the positive side, it was uber cool. Having a red streak in my fringe accompanied by blue/purple tips and the odd blonde streak looked awesome (even though it sounds like an explosion in a paint factory) and for a while my friends were in shock that I had even thought about putting a bit of gold in my hair.

I would recommend this to someone with lighter, straighter hair (ha - sounds oddly enough like Lauren Conrad's perfect hair...) and make sure that they follow key advice - as in no hair brush within 1 mile of the chalked-up-ness.

Saturday, 5 May 2012

Kit Kat :o

This is the stuff nightmares are made of...

For a first post I thought I should do something related to the blog name. Then I reconsidered and remembered how annoyed I was earlier today about a certain piece of confectionary. This may sound silly and trivial but when Kit Kat announced that there would be a competition for a new flavour of Kit Kat Chunky I was pretty happy.
The contenders were: Double Choc, White Choc, Orange and Peanut Butter.

*SPOILER ALERT* Peanut Butter won.
I was really happy seeing as I adore peanut butter and Kit Kat Chunky - match made in heaven if you ask me

HOWEVER! It came out on the 23rd of April, eons away in normal time! I survived until then and expected to be able to walk into a supermarket or corner shop, pick up a Kit Kat Peanut Butter and celebrate.
Could I find them?! No. Tesco, Sainsbury's, Waitrose, Co-op, ASDA, Morrisons... basically none of the main supermarkets sold them.
People I knew were suffering from a lack of salty peanut butter love in their live: withdrawals, cravings.
Then there was a ray of light, a shop near me sold them! I was instructed by one of my friends to go and buy 8 of them. That wasn't weird at all.

Anyway, so today I bought one of these heaven sent bars and what did I find when I bit into it?


No joke. For the first inch of the bar there was no peanut butter. AURGH!! (monster tantrum)